How to Write SEO Friendly Article Easily in 2021?

There are many questions that arise in the bloggers mind while writing a blog post. One of them was how to write SEO friendly article.

In this post, I will tell you everything that you should do SEO in a better simple and effective manner.

How to Write SEO Friendly Article Easily?

How to Write SEO Friendly Article
How to Write SEO Friendly Article

Let us how you can write an SEO friendly article easily for your blog post.

Choose the Right Title

Choosing the right title is the best way to write SEO friendly article.

First you have to search for the topic that suits your niche perfectly.

After that you have to select an effective title for that topic. So, How Your Post’s Title should be?

Here is the answer.

You should use an eye catching and unique post title.

Your Post title should have your main keywords.

Don’t copy the titles from popular websites.

Keep your title unique and keyword loaded. And one more thing, limit your title up to 60 Characters.

Select the Right Keywords

Another great tip to write SEO friendly article is to select the right keywords for the post.

You should aim on the keywords that are used by your targeted audience but don’t have many competing pages.

There are a lot of keyword tools that you can use for selecting low competition keywords.

You can use Google Adwords Keyword tool or UberSuggest . They are free to use.

You can also take ideas from your competitors page that appears in Google.

View the page source of your competitors website and check the keywords used by them.

Try to use long tail keywords.

Long tail keywords have more importance than the others.

URL Structure

You can use your post title directly for the URL structure.

You can also edit the url and use your own.

But again, you should add keywords in it. (The most common used permalink structure is –

Concentrate on the Content

Things to do while writing post are :

 First paragraph 

The first paragraph of your blog post should have all the keywords. Try to include your post title also.

Using Keywords

Using keywords correctly affects On Page SEO a lot.

It is recommended to use maximum of 3 different keywords. You keyword’s density should not cross 4% , recommended – 3% .

It means you should not use more than 3 or 4 keywords per 100 word.

It is said that Google bots crawl content from left to right. So, use the keywords at the left side of your article.

How to decorate keyword for better SEO?

It is not necessary to bold or italic all the keywords that you have written in your article. It is enough to bold the keywords only once.

Let’s say you have used three different keywords, just decorate the keywords only once.

Use of Headings ( h1, h2 and h3 tags )

Heading plays an important role in SEO of your blog post. You should use h1, h2 and h3 heading tags properly. Dont’t forget to use the keywords in post headings.

Post Quality and Length

What should be the length of my Blog Post ?

A lot of newbies asked this question.

Google recommends minimum 300 Words, most bloggers recommends minimum 500 words but my answer is more words with quality writing = better On Page SEO.

You should write a post in a way that your visitors don’t bore, they read till the last. Don’t write the post as an essay.

Use proper headings and try to write post in points, explain each point clearly.

Internal Linking

Linking posts internally is a good practice for On Page SEO.

You can link your older posts to the article you are writing now. It also helps your visitors to read some more interesting stuff written by you.

External Linking 

If you are linking other websites to your post then it is recommended to you use nofollow tag. Nofollow tag indicates Google not to follow the particular link.

You can use a plugin for adding nofollow tag to all the external links.

You can also do it manually.

For example – <a href=”” target=”blank” rel=”nofollow”>text to link</a> .

Here rel=”nofollow” tells Google not to follow this link and target=”blank” opens the link in a new tab.


Images are very necessary for blog post SEO.

You should give a proper title to your images. “Alt Tag” is the most important thing that you should take care of.

You should use your main keyword in the “ALT Tag” column while inserting the image in your post.

Use minimum of 3 images if you have written a good lengthy article.

Meta Title, Meta Description, Meta Keywords

Meta Title – It is the title that appears in search engines.

Meta Description – The description of the post appears below the title in search engine. Limit character length to 160.

Use Keywords in both Meta Title and Description.

Meta Keywords – Here you have to write your selected keywords.

Share Your Post

Last but not least. Share your blog post to the famous social media websites and encourage your visitors to like and share the post.

More likes and share = more the chances to appear on first page of Google.

Final Words

These are my views on How to Write SEO friendly article (Blog Post).

If you think anything missing or anything you want to add, you are welcome.

Your views and comments are valuable to us.

If you think the post is valuable then share it to your friends.

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