WordPress.org vs WordPress.com – Which One is Better in 2023?

WordPress.org vs WordPress.com – Which One is Better?

It is one of the most asked questions by newbies.

I know it’s so much confusing to choose between the two.

I also had the same problem when I started my first Blog. But I successfully choose the better option for me.

So, Today I am going to answer this question and differentiate between the two.

WordPress.org vs WordPress.com

WordPress.org vs WordPress.com – Which One is Better

There are several points on which we will differentiate between the two platforms. I bet, you will get your answer by post ends. Here are the topics:-

On the Basis of Cost

WordPress.com is completely free to use.

There are premium services also but here we will talk about only free ones. You don’t have to spend a penny to start with it.

The free domain you get with the wordpress.com website is like yourwebsite.wordpress.com.

If you want to remove the word ‘WordPress’ from the domain name then you have to buy the domain name. It will cost you money but not that much.

If you go for WordPress.org then you have to buy a domain name and hosting.

For high-traffic websites, it can be costlier. But with this platform, you get a lot of things that you can’t get with wordpress.com.

Web Hosting

With WordPress.org you have to buy suitable hosting. It means you can control every aspect of your website. You don’t have any restrictions here.

Whereas with WordPress.com, you get only 3GB of space. You can upgrade the size and features but it will cost you money.


Both paid and free themes are available on WordPress.com. But you can not fully customize your themes as you are restricted to the CSS code of your website.

In the case of WordPress.org, there are a lot of free and paid themes and you can easily modify and customize the themes without any hassle. There are no restrictions on anything. You are the complete owner of your blog.


WordPress.com does not allow you to install plugins.

Whereas WordPress.org is loaded with tons of free and premium plugins. The plugins help you to do things easily without delving into the sea of codes. These are very much necessary if you have less knowledge of coding.

Advertisements and Making Money

I know most of the newbies were waiting for this point. Everyone wants to make money. So, let’s see what the two platforms are providing.

You can easily place ads on WordPress.org hosted website whenever you want. But WordPress.com does not allow you to put ads unless you reach 25,000 unique visitors per month and they also charge you 50 percent of your ad earnings.


WordPress.com websites are automatically updated, checked for spam, and backed up. You don’t have to do anything.

But in the case of WordPress.org, you have to do everything manually like updates, backup, checking for spam, etc.

WordPress.org vs WordPress.com – Final Words

So, which one do you go for? OK, let me help you.

If you know a little bit of coding and want to be a serious blogger then go for WordPress.org.

And if you don’t have knowledge about coding, enough money and want to learn something in the field of blogging then go for the WordPress.com website.

Now, I think you have got your answer.

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